Friday, July 10, 2015

Say No to Crash Diet and Yes to Good Health with Dabur Honey!

Good Health with Dabur Honey!

Which is the most common resolution during a new year? Yes, it is losing weight. I know most of us would have planned this for decades now but not many are successful. It requires a lot of self-motivation and consistent efforts in order to get the desired results and it isn’t easy.
Keeping a good shape is extremely important and it has become much more important now because the quality of life we lead and the type of food we eat. With what I have experienced, it is very easy to put on weight but very very difficult to shed. There is no single mantra to reducing weight however it is a blend of solutions which when adopted can give us the best results. A balanced health diet and a solid workout is the best mix anyday. There are many fat reducing things available in the market like oils, sauna belts, tablets, health drink powders etc. but their tall claims are all questionable and debatable. We all need to understand that there is no short cut to success and one of the most famous & dangerous solution for this is a “Crash Diet”. Yes, you read it right. It is dangerous! Now let me tell you why:

What is a crash diet? It’s basically a plan to cut down your meal and make it restricted. May be even severely restricted.

  • Usually we eat mostly calorie rich food (and hence the fat!) and the basic idea of a crash diet is to consume very minimal calories so that no fat gets a chance to stick to our body. In such cases the metabolic rate comes down drastically and your body refuses to work.
  • The objective of a crash diet is to burn fats but sometimes the diet becomes so intense that it ends up burning up the tissues and muscles as well
  • Such diets have psychological effects which instigates stress, anger and irritation. For e.g. imagine if you are eating fruits or veggies while your colleagues are having a ham burger or chicken biryani for lunch at your workplace. You will go mad and irritated. Secondly you feel hungry all the time and want to eat anything and everything.
  • Remember, you are/may be missing a lot of important nutrients very key for your body in your crash diet. This works negatively on your body.
  • You become lazy and just a small work would like moving mountains. Energy levels plummets

There are many more negatives about such crash diet plans and therefore I never encourage it. I always believe that crash diet can only be a quick fix but it can never be a permanent solution.
So what is the alternative? Following a healthy nutritional diet, with a little bit of workout.
Now what is a healthy nutritional diet?

  • Include a lot of green leafy vegetables in your meal
  • Have black beans weekly. It is a great source of protein
  • Make Oats as one of the meal options. It is rich in fiber, enhances metabolism and burns fat.
  • Have a lot of fruits in the form of fruit bowls. Keep changing the fruit mix
  • Change the oil. Move to Olive or Coconut oil for food
  • Drink loads of water
  • And last but not the least include honey as a part of your daily routine. It is a natural sweetener and a super substitute for sugar. Read why honey is better than sugar here. It reduces fat big time and also improves blood sugar controls, boosts immunity.

When it comes to honey, I cannot think of a better and household name than Dabur honey. People can be easily duped in honey but Dabur honey is authentic and of premium quality. There are tons of delicious and easy recipes using Dabur Honey and which can be well used for healthy supplements. You can get the recipes in this link 

Say no to crash diets and yes to healthy ones! Eat well, Stay healthy!

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