Thursday, July 9, 2015

UC Browser for fast and the impatient!

Cricket is a religion in India and there is no doubt now that it is “the” most followed or practiced sport in the country. The passion, the obsession, the craze, the enthusiasm with which people are engrossed in this sport is unmatchable. Earlier parents used to comment “kya khel roti dega?” and prohibit their children to practice a sport but cricket has changed the entire scene & belief. It not only is a sport but now it is a major source of income for billions of people.

Cricket is not the national sport but one would certainly get surprised if they look at its patrons and their craze. The game has elevated to this level from the day India won its first world cup in 1983. The Gavaskars, The Kapils, The Amarnaths of the game have inspired the nation and now cricket is much more than a sport. It was that part of the era when televisions started telecasting the cricket matches. It was the only sport by large which was getting featured and the success was far reaching. People started following the sport, the sportsmen, the statistics, their personal life and everything.

For me I am an avid cricketer and I track the sport very keenly. I want the information on my fingertips and easily accessible. Many a times there are tons of commitments which may compel you to skip seeing a live match but that’s the last thing I want to do. So what’s the solution?

UC Browser is the name! Now I don’t need to compromise on my obsession i.e. cricket and I can watch it anytime, based on my convenience. I do not need to skip office on a match day with some lied sickness reasons. I can watch it in office on my mobile and keep a tab on the scores. UB Browser even makes you a star. Let me tell you how. I am a candid photographer and I cover a lot of marriages. I was covering one such marriage outside the city during an India match and my only resort for the match updates was the UCBrowser - UC Cricket. I was able to get the scores with jet speed and I became a single point of contact in the entire marriage hall for the live match scores. Everybody were around me watching the match and it was that sweet moment of temporary stardom. Similarly sometimes I take a walk in the park or beach and watch the match in the open air. This attracts few cricket enthusiasts around and a quick opportunity to make friends.

As far as features are concerned, UC browser is packed with tons of features, this browser works with lightning speed and it is highly dependable. This browser is ultra-smooth with a great ease in terms of navigation. Typically people who love desktop browsers will not be disappointed for sure. If you want to explore it further, why wait? Download it immediately from the stores and have fun!

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