Friday, August 21, 2015

Airtel 4G - The Fastest Network Ever

Airtel 4G - The Fastest Network Ever

Food, water, clothing, shelter and Internet – These are the basic needs of the common man of todays modern world. Moving ahead, now slowly mobiles has become the sixth need. Considering that, how far are we with the mobile internet requisites? Not far at all! Mobile internet penetration is far more faster than the desktop or broadband connection and India is one of those nations which has the most prospective markets. As per a study, India is the 3rd largest smartphone markets in the world and with the current mobile internet users as 200 million plus as of today, the base is going to grow more than 300 million by the next two years.
While the growth story of mobile internet markets in our nation is on the highway, the “need-for-speed” is also on the rapid upsurge. The testimony of this is the decline in the 2G user base vis-à-vis the surge in 3G customer installed base. Why is this phenomenon? We as users have made this paradigm shift from the basic conventional feature phones to smartphones. The usage of the phones just as a communication (calling or sms) device is a story of the stone ages and now we use it for a host of services like social networking, internet messaging & chats, email, online gaming devices, movies or video streaming, photography, music and a host of other useful things. Perhaps all these are not possible without a good consistent mobile internet speed. Airtel fills in this gap and the telecom giant which is also the No. 1 in India, is now the first in the country to roll out 4G services. Airtel is launching its 4G services nationwide across its 296 cities and this truly is going to be a game changer because they are offering the lightning speed internet at 3G rates. Can you believe this?
I am an impatient individual and this speed in mobile internet connectivity is like a boon to me. Wondering how all will I use it? Here we go:
  • Browsing speed: I am a freelance candid photographer and it is very important for me to show my prospective clients my portfolio or share albums with them. Now this is going to be easy by means of hosting it up on websites or social networking domains through mobile.
  • Downloads: Downloading reference materials, photographs, music will be a hassle free work.
  • Video calling and conferencing: Video calling or conferencing requires better connectivity and hence I have to use my laptop to connect through Wi-Fi. Airtel 4G addresses this shortfall and I can meet & talk to my clients directly through my mobile apps, anywhere.
  • YouTube and video streaming: I watch a lot of videos or movies online and predominantly I do it with my home Wi-Fi on. With such crazy speed through Airtel 4G, I don’t need to worry about buffering and can watch videos seamlessly, again anywhere.
  • Office on-the-go: I can use my mobile as an office-on-the-go and can manage my work through my mobile.
  • Hotspot: With most of the smartphones having this “hotspot” feature, you can create your own Wi-Fi with the incredible 4G speed.
  • Internet Radio: I listen to radio while driving and if you need to use internet radio stations, a good connectivity is quite indispensable. With a 4G service, internet radio is as smooth as silk.

 These are the top-of-the-mind usages as far as I am concerned but I am sure there will be far more for many more individuals. So why wait? Just tweet #GetAirtel4G with a hashtag on Twitter and you get you’re your 4G sim sitting at home, delivered at home!!

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