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Kids and their Imaginary World with Colgate Magical Stories

Kids and their Imaginary World with Colgate Magical Stories

Everybody agrees that childhood would be the best part of anybody’s life and there may be many reasons for that. For me the best part of childhood is the bliss of creativity. The mind of a child is like an empty white board and during the early days it is very important to help them learn new things which becomes the foundation for its future. They not only learn quickly and also start to relate. Everything that they learn gets stitched into a part of unique beautiful story. This awes me!

Hence whenever I get time I sit and listen to their stories and I love this storytelling activity mostly because I do this with my photography. Recently I got 4 packs of Colgate toothpaste which has some cartoon animals which could be cut out for #colgatemagicalstories. My young 2.5 year daughter just loved the colors and with a couple of my neighbor’s kids started working on the crafts exercise of cutting it out based on the dotted lines. After that we started the interesting game of storytelling. I split the team into two where in each team could come up with their stories based on the characters.

It was amazing how the kids narrated the story about how Pirates attacked Blackbeard ship with the help of sword fish which made a hole and eventually sunk the entire ship in the middle of the ocean. The Sea turtle saved the drowning Blackbeard and took him on his back. Once reaching the shore he met Sadie who promised to help him get his treasure. Sadie first created a map to find it and then started planning on how to defeat the pirates who had sting rays, barracudas, sharks, and lion fish on their side. She got her fiends Star fish, Octopus, Puffer fish, Sea horses, and her best friend killer whales and dolphins. She had a big meeting on the coral reefs and they were all set for the battle. The dolphins helped in taking the Blackbeard into the sea along with Sadie. They were safely followed by the Killer whale. On the other side the Pirates attacked them with their soldiers. The sharks were literally shooed away by the killer whale and the dolphins are the barracudas. The octopus with its tentacles strangled in the sting rays and also fought the crabs. The puffer fish showed its might against lion fish and won the battle. The parrots of pirates tried to mislead but the star fish helped the dolphins to navigate and get through to the bottom. Finally they got the treasure and Blackbeard stored some treasure for his friends in the underwater caste. For Sadie, he created a mermaid like statue outside the castle to commemorate her friendship. At last Blackbeard bid goodbye to his friends and went home with his share of treasure.

The story narrated by them may be simple but the beauty is how they identify the strength of each animal, understand their abilities and build a story around them.

Please do encourage kids on such fictional story telling exercises which becomes a very integral part of the child’s nature, personality and future.
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