Thursday, March 5, 2015

TEDx Chennai 2012 was quite an experience

I have been a part of lot of events till date but have never seen such an enthusiastic and bubbly crowd ever.. Immensely dedicated, disciplined & talented ppl like Balaji Vijayaraghavan Balaji Ramaswamy Natarajan ShyamSundar Etios Aarthi Rajagopalan Gayathri Seshadri Kabeer Nen, Vignesh Srinivasan & so many of them not only made us feel young but motivated further to work harder! Guys, take it from me - you have a sensational future ahead! my best wishes for that..
Hari Balaji maintains a low profile and let his work do the talking! Exceptional designs my friend! Sheer brilliance!
Sandeep Chaetan is an experienced brat and thru his digital magic, made the social net work for us!
Last but not the least, how can an opera run without its conductor - Samuel Eddy himself?! Taking the bull by its horn aint that ez and moreover spearheading an event of this length & breadth needs nerve, skills and in the current scheme of things requires a lot of endurance.. It wouldn't have been possible without his leadership and vision! - RESPECT!
It has been an incredible journey and today, we all can sleep contended & satisfied!
Give yourself a standing ovation,a royal salute & a lot of applauds! You deserve it the most!
I am heartened by the love and respect showed and pl accept my sincere gratitude for all those kind words of appreciation! These would go a long way in my "pursuit of happiness" in the form of photography!

Looking forward for many such events 

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