Monday, March 16, 2015

My Bullet, My Life!

My first post was on my Bullet which I bought way back in 2006. It was a 2004 make RE Electra 4S with cast iron engine and right leg gear. I had tubeless tyres and original harley parts in the form of gear shifts and brakes.

During that time the RE Classic was just launched. It's craze pushed me to dispose this to get a new one which eventually never happened!
I sold to at a throw-away price only to repent for the next 8 long years! I was using my brother's Bajaj Pulsar 180 for my daily commutation however it was in 2012 that me and my brother decided to go for a new RE Bullet. I had enough of the bikes! I did not for a Classic because a) the height was a little low and b) there were lot of technical complaints. So I stuck to my old choice - RE Electra.

I got my Bullet delivered a year later (yes! that was hell of a waiting period!) and here we are with the life coming a full circle, finally!

My thoughts on Bullet based on my experience:

  • Never sell an old Bullet. It's gold!
  • Never indulge in huge modifications. This will only pull down the performances and invites recurring issues.
  • Stick to RE authorised services and worst-come-worst a Bullet specialist. It's very difficult for a 100 cc two wheeler to understand the dynamics of a Bullet.
  • Never go below the petrol reserve capacity. I would prefer to have the tank filled to the brim every time it hits reserve. Make sure you have a petrol lock to avoid thefts.
  • Identify a puncture mechanic who would be available on the call. At least keep a good track of all the puncture shops on the roads that you travel frequently. It's a pain on the wrong place to drag your machine when the tyres are flat!
  • Avoid rash driving and squeezing in between vehicles. You may have done this on a 100 Cc bike but this may be fatal on a Bullet given it's size. Never ever try this!
  • Rust is a common problem. Always wipe off the water on the guards post rains. 
  • Always talk to fellow Bulleteers and ask for opinions & insights. This is gold dust!
  • A little Petrol/Oil leak is normal. Don't worry.. it's marking it's territory! :)
  • Never triple carry people. The Bullet may have extra space but it is manufactured only to carry two aaram se!. Remember - it's against traffic rules as well! 
  • Wear a helmet - always! You have brains and you gotto protect it!

While I am looking forward for some of the future Bullet trips, do get in touch if you have planned one. Would love to tag along! :)

Keep riding.. keep thumping!

Made like a gun, goes like a bullet!

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