Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Who Dares Wins!!

Abey.. tu paagal to nahin ho gaya hai??.. kitna petrol peeta hai maloom hai?..maintain kar paayega??..gear right mein hai and break left mein hai.. galti kiya to fati..!!
some of the negative comments frm my frenz when i jus brought in a thought of getting myself a RE. First I thought, it makes a lot of sense to stick to my Splendour plus which is giving me decent mileage with an affordable maintainance cost. But,come Jan 1st 2008, i went to a mechanic shop with my frend for servicing his Bull. The mech shed had some very simple RE's queued up and i could not stop myself getting a feel of them. Firstly, since never tried a bullet, i did not understand the techie stuff and specifications. Hence other than the thumps, Hero Honda and RE were same to me (forgive me for telling this one last time!!).
Secondly being from a middle class strata, owning a bull was a desire not backed up by the power of affordabiltiy. So i thought again.. shud i?? But then as its said Destiny, Fate or Luck...Suddenly a guy came with his chopper who wanted to sell it for his own good reasons. The very first look took my breath away.. A very simple but neatly done Electra 2006 model which had a very close resemblance to a HD. The tyres were meaty, the cries can be heard from a mile away, the low seats, saddle bags, Original HD extended brakes and gears, Disc brakes.. man..i fell in love. As i said earlier since i did not know to ride a Bullet owing to its polar differences with other vehicles, i just sat on it and started it... I felt like it was telling me i luv u too.. I had to make it mine and after a lot of desperate attempts of negotiations i got engaged with my love.
Lessons learnt -
1) Never have a preset mind. A Bull can steal ur heart anytime
2) Costly?? agreed.. but if not now then when???
3) Want to Live with a Bull or exist with any other two wheeler? choice is urs
4) A Bull is not for everyone.. for sure!!
5) Who Dares.. Wins !!

Will like to thank all the bull owners who infused the love for this fantastic machine and many more thanks to those people who discouraged me.. maybe they are more instrumental in getting me my love than anybody else..!!!

Jo Dar gaya, samjho mar gaya!!
KG Sriram

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