Monday, March 10, 2008

Say hi to the bad guy!!

Well, At present, blogging may be a historical syndrome but then, I am new to this bug bite. As not a very tech savvy guy, I indulge in only those activities which actually I feel is necessary. But now if u guys are thinking - how is blogging necessary for me ?? It is..!! I was actually inspired by this guy called Srinidhi ( where he has used this website to vent his feelings. Thats not a bad idea at all.. so why not ape that ?? so here I am.. This is the place where i would come out with topics or issues which happens in our daily life..which u can relate to yourself. From animals to Ambanis, from food to finance, from love to Lancashire, one can find topics about anything below the sky.
Have never tried writing in my entire life.. so this is just a sincere effort!!
So wanna have some fun?? Come-get-some!!


Akila "blog" Iyer said...

Hey da KG...ennavo summa kalakara po!!! Good luck with your new writing venture , and hope you give your readers a food for thought !!! ~~Peace

KG said...


Nandri thozhi!!

radhika said...
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radhika said...

Good, go ahead!!!!!! Hoping to get an informative thought from you.

gOOdLu said...

Blogging !!! Baba prochondo busy re tui...ya i understand....lavda bara