Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Health is much more than wealth!

I still remember those days, very early in my childhood. We used to get drenched in rain with no second thoughts. The only ways of games were outdoors and the computer games or gizmos were unheard of. We could eat literally anything from outside from the local bhaiyyas bhel puri shop giving a damn about hygiene. We could roll on the sand, play on the dirt, give the puppies and the street dogs big hugs without thinking much about hygiene and “keedas” factors. Falling sick was a once-in-a-blue-moon phenomenon and that too a tablet would be enough to bring us back to our toes and be up & running. I give the credits to the strong immunity system for the foods and the supplement mantra of our times – Dabur Chawanprash.
Today things are so different. Take the case of my housemaids young daughter Tamizharasi. She comes from a very hardworking, average earning family coming from the slums. She was brilliant in academics and literally tops in schools but was not faring very well in extracurricular activities. She was not malnourished but she used to fall sick quite often. The illness was not major but it was as simple of a cold fever or running nose which used to impel her to stay indoors. While this was becoming a steady usual phenomenon, soon came the time of the board exams. The girl had done exceptional preparations and was quite confident to top the charts. But unfortunately during one of the exams she fell ill and could not take up one last paper owing to which she was not able to clear the boards. This instable health was impacting her personality and she was getting into a shell, becoming an introvert more and more. Our housemaid completely depressed about this entire issue openly discussed this with us and we took her to our relative who is a doctor. After a brief investigation, he gave some simple vitamin tabs for the short run and a strong recommendation of Dabur Chawanprash as part of the daily diet. My mom quickly related this to my younger days and gave her a three month supply of Dabur Chawanprash. After a couple of months things started changing drastically. Tamizharasi is a fit girl now and being bedridden has become a thing of the past. She not only topped the school in academics this year but also got a medal for 100% attendance.  

I am a young parent and it gives me jitters when I think of my little girl’s health. Our world starts and ends with her. I want her to enjoy everything in life under the open sky and above the earth. While it’s good to live in a world of sanitizers and hand washes but don’t your kid to enjoy that feel of the young new born puppy at that animal shelter? Health should not prohibit her from experiencing all those small things in life which are priceless. While we take that one small step from outside by giving her Dabur Chawanprash, it protects her from inside to build a strong immunity system which goes a long long way. Dabur Chawanprash has been a doctor in itself 2 generations now, it would continue to be part of us for a long time to come. Our children today are ours & our nation’s future. Make them strong and healthy with: https://www.liveveda.com/daburchyawanprash/

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